How to design and build a lamp?

Few days left to take part to this amazing workshop in Paris!

A new 3 days workshop is gonna start in Paris on 9th+10th+12th June!
This 12hrs workshop will give participants new skills and consciousness within the working group, through a creative experience that exalts their dexterity and design skills. The activity, lead by an expert designer, becomes a real design experience, which combines creative expression and handmade work, personal ideas and team coordination. During the workshop participants will build basic concrete shapes and resin shape, made from handmade moulds. Pouring the cement into the mould and adding colored resins, users can obtain amazing textures which give the material a new life and shape overlaps with striking color combinations. Furthermore, they will learn how to build a simple wiring, consisting in plug, wire and LED holder. At the end of the workshop each user will accomplish a personal design lamp.

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